Ceremonial plant dieting is an ancient method of honouring and connecting with a plant. The ceremonial process opens gateways to spiritual realms and facilitates powerful development at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This type of plant dieting involves the sacred and conscious ingestion of a plant for healing and transformation. A relationship is formed whereby the plant acts as one who initiates the human into the next level of awakening. Here, we experience plants as conscious beings who have much to teach us. We receive many gifts from the plants and we acknowledge that our relationships are reciprocal; we must, therefore, also give back.

As we shift into a new era, we humans are being offered many new gateways to higher consciousness. Plant dieting is one such opening. It easily gives us access to higher dimensions and creative worlds within us, and it can retune our brains to receive new frequencies. In addition, a plant diet helps us to develop a close relationship with the entire plant world.

Being initiated by a plant offers the possibility of merging with its consciousness. Thus, we can experience the connectedness of all life and thereby access Oneness through the plant world. The physical ingestion of the plant helps to ground and integrate new levels of consciousness into the physical body. It helps the body to adjust to a higher vibration and can radically change our cellular structure. By ingesting a plant the body charges itself like a battery from the energies of that plant. Ultimately, the plant may become part of our cells, filling us with energy and with the potential to offer healing for others.

A plant diet can support, strengthen, and heal us on all levels of our being. By doing this, these diets facilitate deep and lasting transformation. If we are willing, we can not only receive a whole new blueprint but also change our physical structure and anchor the new patterns firmly in our cellular make-up. A plant diet can help us to wake up and remember who we are, connecting us with the plants, the Earth, and the entire Universe. Essentially, this kind of plant diet offers an initiation, facilitating the flowering of human potential and inviting us to truly live as sacred humans. Initiation involves a personal test – in order to grow and move forward we are challenged to face our deepest fears and to accept the challenges that life brings. Ceremony is central to this process, reinforcing the sacredness of the plant world and reminding us of how we can be in service to life.
In modern Western culture, plant diets are often associated with plants known as Teacher Plants, Master Plants, or Plants of Vision. These are generally psychoactive plants like Ayahuasca, Datura, Sacred Mushrooms, Peyote, and many other plants and fungi that offer visionary experiences and are describes as opening gateways to higher consciousness. Psychoactive, psycho-pharmaceutical and psychotropic are terms used to describe a chemical substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system. Affecting brain function and resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness, behaviour and cognition. 

The dieting I teach and practice are plant diets with non-psychoactive plants. These include plants such as Primrose, Dandelion, Elder, Dog Rose, all common medicinal plants growing in our hedgerows and not typically well known for their consciousness-raising effects. Our experience has shown us that these non-psychoactive native plants have their own potential to open gateways to higher consciousness, and to invoke the mystical. I would contest that these plants, therefore, deserve to be classed as entheogenic in that they ‘'generate the Divine within’’. This term is usually reserved to refer to psychoactive substances only.

In my experience, while not chemically psychoactive, the plants we are dieting expand awareness and facilitate direct communion with Spirit. They can induce visions and enable us to explore other dimensions. Perhaps, when approached with honour and reverence, all plants can behave in this way. Certainly they differ from Master Plants in terms of character and behaviour, Along with their strong personalities, I have found that certain Master Plants act as designers, choreographers, sometimes setting a template for other plants to follow. The non-psychoactive plants tend to be gentler and less forceful, but they are coming forward at this time with outstanding gifts to offer the world.

 - By Carole Guyett
Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist, plant spirit healer and flower essence practitioner who has worked with healing plants for over 30 years. A teacher and a ceremonialist, she has dedicated her life to plants and healing and the awakening of human consciousness.

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