Blue Moon Mugwort


One of the beautiful things about working with plants and plant spirits is that sometimes they encourage you to do things that otherwise you might not have thought of.

My experience working with plant spirits over the last year has been an amazing unfolding journey, and along with many other amazing teachings they have given me - they have taught me to listen more carefully.  
Not necessarily to listen harder with my ears, but to listen to the inner voice and to observe myself more closely. Thus when unusual thoughts seem to well up from the lower depths I listen and pay heed to them a bit more closely than I ever used to and then act on the basis of that information. 

Sometimes the plants are tying to tell us something, trying to grab our attention and thus it pays to be alert at all times!

It was because of listening to plant spirits that myself and Emma found ourselves up at 4am on the morning of the Full Moon a few weeks back.

We had already planned to hold a special ceremony that night working with some of our favourite teacher plants and to get up early to go picking fresh Mugwort.
In traditional folk lore and hedge-witchery it is said that the powers of this plant are at the strongest before sunrise - so this is best time to pick the plant. Hence the extra early start.
Not only before sunrise though, but best done on a full moon for maximum energetic powers.

And this was a special Full Moon - a Blue one, something that only happens once every 3 years, and when there are 2 full moons in a calendar month. Not a natural phenomena in itself due to the Gregorian calendar but adding some further mystique to the whole day.

We wanted to collect fresh Mugwort to dry for tea and smoking and to make a tincture from but also to collect the flowers which were in full bloom then to make a Full Moon flower essence.

So far so good. This was the plan.

The day before though I got a clear message that we were to also make another special flower essence. This time it should be made in the Full Moon light later that day with the energy of the moon infusing the water rather than being charged with sunlight.
In addition to this I was also instructed that we should add some special dreaming crystals to the essence to make a full power, full moon dreaming potion!

Mugwort is known for many different things in these lands ranging from; helping to banish evil spirits from your house to being an excellent birthing aid for woman.

In shamanic and dreaming circles though she is primarily known as a dreaming herb with the capacity to help people to become conscious in the dream. This is otherwise known as Lucid Dreaming. The plant is also good for other similar practices such as astral projection

Actually - the idea of Mugwort being a dreaming plant is a bit misleading. Its not that it makes you dream better - but rather that it makes you more present and at full tilt that could make you conscious in the dream. This will work equally as well in the so called waking state but it will make you more present and clear.

So its not that its a dreaming plant per se but rather a plant that can bringing you very effectively into the here and now.
One of her main energetic vibrations is of alignment - both physically and emotionally. 

We have seen the effects of this energy in our own lives by straightening many things out, admittedly not all of them we were quite ready to straighten out but hey ho - they are now and we have had an amazing healing in the process!

Incredibly at a recent Mugwort initiation ceremony we ran we also had one participant whilst journeying with the plant felt healing energy in old spine wound that helped bring him relief.

So - these dual themes of becoming more conscious and of alignment make it a powerful ally with which to navigate the dream space.

Back to the essence. 

So the addition of the 2 crystals as urged by the plant herself felt completely natural and appropriate.
Moonstone is naturally linked to the moon but is also a ‘stone of new beginnings’ It can help make conscious the unconscious and thus is an excellent aid for encouraging lucid dreaming - especially at the time of full moon. It also helps promote intuition which is very much in keeping with Mugworts reputation for being able to help improve clairvoyancy.

The added addition of the Labradorite - a high vibration stone with mystical qualities - was to really ramp up the energetic power of the essence. This stone also has a strong reputation for being able to assist in lucid dreaming by placing it under the pillow when you sleep. It is also known to be able to assist Shamans and Magicians in protecting them whilst they journey through altered states of consciousness, and enable them to have better recall of their experiences afterwards.

A shocking statistic for me when I first heard it, is that the average human spends between 20-30 years of their life asleep and in most cases with virtually no recall of the experience!

So - now that we are in possession of this super high voltage dream essence we are all set to enter the dream world and become conscious there more often.

Just imagine if we were to be fully conscious for nearly the whole day rather than just two thirds of it.
Who knows what further messages we may get now from Mugwort when we go to sleep.



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    Davyd Farrell

    Davyd is the Co-Founder of Archetype Events and a trainee plant spirit  herbalist.

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