Blue Moon Mugwort


One of the beautiful things about working with plants and plant spirits is that sometimes they encourage you to do things that otherwise you might not have thought of.

My experience working with plant spirits over the last year has been an amazing unfolding journey, and along with many other amazing teachings they have given me - they have taught me to listen more carefully.  
Not necessarily to listen harder with my ears, but to listen to the inner voice and to observe myself more closely. Thus when unusual thoughts seem to well up from the lower depths I listen and pay heed to them a bit more closely than I ever used to and then act on the basis of that information. 

Sometimes the plants are tying to tell us something, trying to grab our attention and thus it pays to be alert at all times!

It was because of listening to plant spirits that myself and Emma found ourselves up at 4am on the morning of the Full Moon a few weeks back.

We had already planned to hold a special ceremony that night working with some of our favourite teacher plants and to get up early to go picking fresh Mugwort.
In traditional folk lore and hedge-witchery it is said that the powers of this plant are at the strongest before sunrise - so this is best time to pick the plant. Hence the extra early start.
Not only before sunrise though, but best done on a full moon for maximum energetic powers.

And this was a special Full Moon - a Blue one, something that only happens once every 3 years, and when there are 2 full moons in a calendar month. Not a natural phenomena in itself due to the Gregorian calendar but adding some further mystique to the whole day.

We wanted to collect fresh Mugwort to dry for tea and smoking and to make a tincture from but also to collect the flowers which were in full bloom then to make a Full Moon flower essence.

So far so good. This was the plan.

The day before though I got a clear message that we were to also make another special flower essence. This time it should be made in the Full Moon light later that day with the energy of the moon infusing the water rather than being charged with sunlight.
In addition to this I was also instructed that we should add some special dreaming crystals to the essence to make a full power, full moon dreaming potion!

Mugwort is known for many different things in these lands ranging from; helping to banish evil spirits from your house to being an excellent birthing aid for woman.

In shamanic and dreaming circles though she is primarily known as a dreaming herb with the capacity to help people to become conscious in the dream. This is otherwise known as Lucid Dreaming. The plant is also good for other similar practices such as astral projection

Actually - the idea of Mugwort being a dreaming plant is a bit misleading. Its not that it makes you dream better - but rather that it makes you more present and at full tilt that could make you conscious in the dream. This will work equally as well in the so called waking state but it will make you more present and clear.

So its not that its a dreaming plant per se but rather a plant that can bringing you very effectively into the here and now.
One of her main energetic vibrations is of alignment - both physically and emotionally. 

We have seen the effects of this energy in our own lives by straightening many things out, admittedly not all of them we were quite ready to straighten out but hey ho - they are now and we have had an amazing healing in the process!

Incredibly at a recent Mugwort initiation ceremony we ran we also had one participant whilst journeying with the plant felt healing energy in old spine wound that helped bring him relief.

So - these dual themes of becoming more conscious and of alignment make it a powerful ally with which to navigate the dream space.

Back to the essence. 

So the addition of the 2 crystals as urged by the plant herself felt completely natural and appropriate.
Moonstone is naturally linked to the moon but is also a ‘stone of new beginnings’ It can help make conscious the unconscious and thus is an excellent aid for encouraging lucid dreaming - especially at the time of full moon. It also helps promote intuition which is very much in keeping with Mugworts reputation for being able to help improve clairvoyancy.

The added addition of the Labradorite - a high vibration stone with mystical qualities - was to really ramp up the energetic power of the essence. This stone also has a strong reputation for being able to assist in lucid dreaming by placing it under the pillow when you sleep. It is also known to be able to assist Shamans and Magicians in protecting them whilst they journey through altered states of consciousness, and enable them to have better recall of their experiences afterwards.

A shocking statistic for me when I first heard it, is that the average human spends between 20-30 years of their life asleep and in most cases with virtually no recall of the experience!

So - now that we are in possession of this super high voltage dream essence we are all set to enter the dream world and become conscious there more often.

Just imagine if we were to be fully conscious for nearly the whole day rather than just two thirds of it.
Who knows what further messages we may get now from Mugwort when we go to sleep.

Geranium robertianum

A sunny weekend at home at our little cottage in the valleys of the Brecon Beacons was a great opportunity to get out into our magical and diverse garden, and re-
acquaint ourselves with some of the flowers and plants that have been calling to our awareness these last few weeks.

Over the course of the last year and since I started my 4 year apprenticeship with Plant Spirit Healer & Herbalist Carole Guyett, I have become much more aware of plants and flowers trying to get my attention. This has helped me not only expand my knowledge of a variety of plants as I have gone away and researched those plants, but its also caused me to wonder why the plants have reached out to me.

Maybe there is something they are trying to tell me on a physical level - maybe I am sick in some way and dont yet know it, or possibly they are a plant with an emotional or spiritual quality that can be used in a shamanic healing capacity, and want to be part of my plant ally community! Sometimes the reason only becomes more evident down the road and so I am learning to trust the plants, and listen to them.

After all I believe as many herbalists do that whatever plants are growing immediately around you are to help on some level - either individually or possibly collectively.
This year I have been amazed to watch the proliferation of Dandelions that have sprung up everywhere, and certainly I know that both of my teachers - Carole Guyett and Pam Montgomery believe that the Dandelion is a plant coming forwards at this time to help assist humanity its evolution. 

We have found in our own practice that Mugwort is another plant that is coming forward more forcefully again and has many amazing gifts to offer us at this time.

So - its good to keep an open heart and mind and listen out for the plants when they call to us.

One particular little common garden plant has been catching my attention over and over these last few months and so this weekend I was able to harvest some of it and indulge in some more research into the plants qualities.

Geranium robertianum or Herb Robert to use its more common name, was once known as Saint Robert's Herb. It was named after a French monk who lived around 1000 AD, and apparently cured many people suffering from various diseases using this plant. First Nations people have used this plant internally to help with many health ailments and externally for healing wounds, herpes and skin eruptions. According to an article in The Healing Journal, scientists, herbalists, and botanists have discovered that Herb Robert grows especially abundant in areas that have high radiation levels (which include under hydro lines). It is believed that Herb Robert absorbs the radiation from the soil, breaks it down and disperses it. 

How amazing is that?! And, if proven to be effective in this capacity who knows what it might be able to do if introduced into areas suffering from radiation poisoning!

But its amazing qualities don't stop there!

In Europe, it has been a traditional herb for cancer, and it was believed to supply a natural dose of radiation. All parts of the plant can be used - the flower, the leaves & the root. Fresh leaves can be eaten or made into a tea. The flower and leaves can be dried and stored so that it can be used throughout the winter months as a tea or added into salads as a nutrient booster. The root can be dried and used as well.

You could also make a tincture from it or a flower essence as I did a few weeks ago.

Rubbing fresh leaves on the skin is said to repel mosquitoes, and the entire plant repels rabbits and deer should you be having problems with either of those in your garden!

Herb Robert contains ellagic acid. Researchers have found ellagic acid may slow growth of tumours caused by certain carcinogens; and it has been used to fight and prevent cancer.

Researchers have found that Herb Robert is a natural source of germanium, a valuable element and powerful antioxidant that has the ability to make oxygen more readily available to the cells of the body. 

More oxygen, at cell level, means the body has the opportunity to fight disease by its own powers, and healing can take place quickly. But if the cells experience a lack of oxygen, they cannot get the nutrients, to regenerate. Those cells then become anaerobic, the state that leads to pain, disease, wayward cells and cancer.

Dr. Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Prize winner, said in 1966, “The prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygenation of the cells”. He discovered that cancer cells could not exist in the presence of abundant oxygen, but only in an anaerobic state.

Germanium also stimulates electrical impulses at a cellular level to create a beneficial ripple effect, throughout the whole body. 

It enhances energy levels and is a powerful healing agent. Germanium provides a strong antibiotic, antiviral and antioxidant arsenal which in todays world of multiple environmental and electrical pollutions can only be a powerful healing aid to many of us.

Having made a flower essence a few weeks ago it is now waiting to be tested properly and I am curious to learn more about the spirit of this plant and how we can work with it shamanically on an emotional and spiritual level. More on this as the story unfolds!

So - we can see that by paying attention to the plants in our garden we can discover many new and helpful health remedies and preventative medicine growing right outside our door.

The Plants are calling to us but are we listening?

 - Davyd Farrell, Co-Founder, Plant Consciousness
Ceremonial plant dieting is an ancient method of honouring and connecting with a plant. The ceremonial process opens gateways to spiritual realms and facilitates powerful development at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This type of plant dieting involves the sacred and conscious ingestion of a plant for healing and transformation. A relationship is formed whereby the plant acts as one who initiates the human into the next level of awakening. Here, we experience plants as conscious beings who have much to teach us. We receive many gifts from the plants and we acknowledge that our relationships are reciprocal; we must, therefore, also give back.

As we shift into a new era, we humans are being offered many new gateways to higher consciousness. Plant dieting is one such opening. It easily gives us access to higher dimensions and creative worlds within us, and it can retune our brains to receive new frequencies. In addition, a plant diet helps us to develop a close relationship with the entire plant world.

Being initiated by a plant offers the possibility of merging with its consciousness. Thus, we can experience the connectedness of all life and thereby access Oneness through the plant world. The physical ingestion of the plant helps to ground and integrate new levels of consciousness into the physical body. It helps the body to adjust to a higher vibration and can radically change our cellular structure. By ingesting a plant the body charges itself like a battery from the energies of that plant. Ultimately, the plant may become part of our cells, filling us with energy and with the potential to offer healing for others.

A plant diet can support, strengthen, and heal us on all levels of our being. By doing this, these diets facilitate deep and lasting transformation. If we are willing, we can not only receive a whole new blueprint but also change our physical structure and anchor the new patterns firmly in our cellular make-up. A plant diet can help us to wake up and remember who we are, connecting us with the plants, the Earth, and the entire Universe. Essentially, this kind of plant diet offers an initiation, facilitating the flowering of human potential and inviting us to truly live as sacred humans. Initiation involves a personal test – in order to grow and move forward we are challenged to face our deepest fears and to accept the challenges that life brings. Ceremony is central to this process, reinforcing the sacredness of the plant world and reminding us of how we can be in service to life.
In modern Western culture, plant diets are often associated with plants known as Teacher Plants, Master Plants, or Plants of Vision. These are generally psychoactive plants like Ayahuasca, Datura, Sacred Mushrooms, Peyote, and many other plants and fungi that offer visionary experiences and are describes as opening gateways to higher consciousness. Psychoactive, psycho-pharmaceutical and psychotropic are terms used to describe a chemical substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system. Affecting brain function and resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness, behaviour and cognition. 

The dieting I teach and practice are plant diets with non-psychoactive plants. These include plants such as Primrose, Dandelion, Elder, Dog Rose, all common medicinal plants growing in our hedgerows and not typically well known for their consciousness-raising effects. Our experience has shown us that these non-psychoactive native plants have their own potential to open gateways to higher consciousness, and to invoke the mystical. I would contest that these plants, therefore, deserve to be classed as entheogenic in that they ‘'generate the Divine within’’. This term is usually reserved to refer to psychoactive substances only.

In my experience, while not chemically psychoactive, the plants we are dieting expand awareness and facilitate direct communion with Spirit. They can induce visions and enable us to explore other dimensions. Perhaps, when approached with honour and reverence, all plants can behave in this way. Certainly they differ from Master Plants in terms of character and behaviour, Along with their strong personalities, I have found that certain Master Plants act as designers, choreographers, sometimes setting a template for other plants to follow. The non-psychoactive plants tend to be gentler and less forceful, but they are coming forward at this time with outstanding gifts to offer the world.

 - By Carole Guyett
Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist, plant spirit healer and flower essence practitioner who has worked with healing plants for over 30 years. A teacher and a ceremonialist, she has dedicated her life to plants and healing and the awakening of human consciousness.

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    Davyd Farrell

    Davyd is the Co-Founder of Archetype Events and a trainee plant spirit  herbalist.

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